Kundalini Yoga For Beginners

Kundalini YogaHow yoga will build your self-esteem, consciousness and much more

Kundalini yoga is a means to liberate yourself from everything and go away into your own little space, it will also facilitate you to stop thinking about all the things that have been bugging you for awhile. As a matter of fact, yoga will definitely contribute in making a  change in your life.  You may well be pleasantly surprised.  Yoga is an ongoing treatment you have to stay with it to get anything out of it. Yoga is a a bit like a treatment and as such it must be ongoing in order to benefit from it. As such, a program can be established.  Think of it as going to the gym.

Wondering what yoga can help you with?  Read on…

Kundalini yoga can help you in many ways, here as just a few examples. As anything, practice makes perfection and in order to maximize all of the benefits, I’ll repeat it again, you got to stay with it.  Just take it one day at the time.

Yoga can certainly help you learn how to control your mind.  Yoga is all about control, body control as well as your breathing;  all of you asthma sufferer,  it can really help.  So if you have issues with breathing right, yoga will help.  Other issues yoga can help you with is depression, back pain, carpal tunnel, osteoarthritis of the of the joints, memory issues, heart disease, high blood pressure and much much more.  It can also help the elderly with balance issues.  Lastly, since it help you to control your mind, weight loss is a no brainer.

So as you can tell, yoga can help in many different ways. Yoga is just one of these things that can help you feel better about your inner self and outer self.

 Now, how do you go about learning yoga.

Well, for one, you could go see your physician.  He or she should be able to tell how or where to contact someone.  Of course, since your are reading this, you are on the Internet.  Internet could be the source of your information.  You can also check HERE.  Another  great way is to visit your local public library.  Surely someone should be able to point you in the right direction.  Maybe even your city has a yoga program available.  They are just a phone call away. To get back to the internet, there are many movies on you tube and books available at many places for free.  There is help available HERE as well, in order to teach yourself.

Can you get hurt doing Yoga?

Yes you can.  But it is like anything else.  If you have back issues or any issues, I would certainly recommend you to see your family physician and ensure that what you are going to do is completely safe for you. As I mentioned before, it is just like going to a gym.  When you first start you don’t go to the hardest exercise at first.  You start small and work your way to longer and more difficult session. You just need to be careful.  Just take little steps and take your time.  Spend maybe 15 minutes for awhile and work on the length of the exercise.  Do this for a bit,  maybe a week and then slowly increase the time. But to just jump both feet into it, not only you can get hurt, you will also get discouraged.  Like I said, take it a little at a time. As well, don’t expect things to change right away.  It takes time, patience and commitment.

Learn all you can learn when learning to do yoga.  As previously mentioned yoga can help you deal with many health concerns.  Just take your time.  Here is another tip.  Doing everything by yourself is great but it also can be boring.. Try to join a yoga group.  Check with your city or telephone directory. Should you have any problems or questions, groups are usually easier, because of the support you can actually get.  And don’t forget, you could actually meet someone and become friend, who knows!  

Gym are great but it cost money.  If you just can’t afford one, perhaps a friend or family member can join you. Now days, you can purchase gym equipment pretty cheap.  It could offset the gym cost in a very short period of time. But to get started, check either You Tube or this website.  I’ll make sure that I put some video somewhere just for you,  free of course. Use these videos, copy them, use them, share them, just don’t sell them.  You can at least get started with some yoga exercise.

You’ll find that at the end of the day, yoga is a pretty cool way to build your muscles, reduce stress and anxiety and certainly help you lose weight should you need it. It will just make you feel better all the way around. 

We have many more article on Kundalini yoga on this site.  Just take your time, watch the videos and just enjoy yourself.