Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini AwakeningKundalini Awakening, What Is It?

Before we have a discussion regarding Kundalini awakening…we must be knowledgeable about the significance of Kundalini itself! The “Kundalini Shakti” is that concealed irrefutable vitality, stored within every human individual through awakening, which everyone should be able to attain the degree of; like, Jesus Christ, Mohammed The Prophet, Gautama Buddha and Mahavira.

The awakening of the Kundalini is doable through practicing Yoga and proper meditation.  In the conventional conditions, the awakening of the Kundalini is alleged that it occurs within a duration of eleven millions manifestations, in the figure of a human being.  A determined quester of spirituality continuously desires Kundalini awakening at the earliest possible.  Why you ask?

Every genuine searcher of spiritualism understands that unless the Kundalini awakening occurs;  one shall not be capable to attain the degree of Nirvikalpa samadhi and the level of self realization.  Kundalini awakening is a “100% must” before one can acquire nirvana in this lifetime.

Aside of practicing the Shavasana posture in Yoga and also Neti for advocated through Maharishi Ramana, one requires exercising complete chastity for the Kundalini awakening to even happen.

Kundalini awakening is not really something which possibly could be taught in some sort of books.  It entirely comes from experience. While we continue upon the course of perfect spiritualism whilst practicing complete chastity and meditation, we shall discover one of these days that our Kundalini awakening has finally occurred.

Kundalini vitality stored inside our spine slowly recoils itself.  It is like if God is directly lifting us square up.  It is a really sober experience for every true quester of spiritualism.

In order for the “Great Kundalini Awakening” to happen, we require to maintain the monthly quota of drive granted to every man and woman. We simply cannot allow this vitality to find good physical channels of pleasure.

The road to Kundalini awakening shall become unclouded from the next example…

Kundalini Awakening Example

In a usual routine, when we are needed to undertake eleven millions steps upward the ladder of spiritualism,  it is very likely that we will take this elevator straight up and shorten the course.

This “lift”, the shortcut, is the way of the Kundalini, which could become awakened through preserving the cosmic energy provided monthly to every human being. Whilst this stored energy increases…hence this voyage expedite…

Every truthful quester of spiritualism has to one of these days, switchover to this resort of Kundalini awakening, since this ordinary course possibly could take millions of manifestations; a lengthy voyage indeed!

As the Kundalini Shakti rises at the bottom of the spine towards the middle of the forehead…one shall feel the most terrible flashes.  It is truly awful sometimes, as the Kundalini awakening is accompanied by the apparition of a gigantic king cobra bearing many heads, staring at you from a very short distance.

The coiled Serpentine Kundalini Shakti has been compared to the force which one experiences whilst observing a coiled serpent coming out of his sleep.  It is overly horrific of an experience and many seekers of spiritualism abandon their voyage halfway.

This coiled Snakelike vigor known as Kundalini Shakti is not to be feared of.  We have to, under any conditions, glare back at the face of the serpent with a belief that we have to surmount the fear imbibed amongst us.  Fearing this coiled Kundalini Shakti shall be of no help.

The exercise of complete celibacy brings around an extreme shift in the personality of a determined seeker of spirituality.  As we vanquish this coiled Kundalini Shakti, we shall encounter a great luminescence on our forehead that is seen by the humanity.

The glow on the forehead of any being immediately represents the internal reasoning procedure of any human. The more the luminescence, the higher the human being is alleged to be on top of the spiritual pedestal.

We possibly could indulge in Kundalini awakening now or in subsequent manifestations; there certainly is no way out.  We must take part in Kundalini awakening in one of the manifestations, so that our spirit (atman inside our body) regains its pristine complete form at the earliest and liberates itself eternally from the rhythm of birth and death.

In the last one hundred and fifty years, 2 persons have greatly successfully awakened their Kundalini and realized God.  Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana, whilst proceedings on the road of pure spirituality in a quest of God, had their Kundalini awakened entirely.  It was entirely after their Kundalini had awakened, were they capable to attain the level of Nirvikalpa samadhi.

Every rightful seeker of spiritualism understands the significance of Kundalini awakening.  If we are to realize God in our life-time, we must awaken our Kundalini completely in this lifetime.  Unless we use the elevator straight up, we shall not attain the degree of “an awakened one”; a living Buddha!

Kundalini awakening, nevertheless dreadful it can seem to be, is a representation of the positive powers of the Universe over-taking the eternal Satanic powers.  Every God realized spirit, reaches the degree of Jesus Christ, Mohammed the Prophet Mahavira and Gautama Buddha, simply after having conquered the damaging forces for ever, by the awakening of the Kundalini.

Kundalini awakening is best achievable by a man.  The main cause as of why is that in the entire history of humanity, simply 2 women had their Kundalini completely awakened.  Gargi, the bachelor philosopher and Maitreyi, the famed spouse of Sage Jnanavalakya!

Gargi was an exceptional woman, who having awakened her Kundalini, indulged herself in the renowned dialogues with Pundit Mandan Mishra on the subject of sexuality.  Gargi eventually defeated Pundit Mandan Mishra as she was a genuinely God realized spirit. Pundit Mandan Mishra had yet to awake his Kundalini.

Sage Jnanavalakya was that prevailing power in the days of King Janaka. That even prior to the competition amidst 10,000 pundits and sages, assembled on stage, had begun.  Sage Jnanavalakya arranged the award money to be brought home;  Sage Jnanavalakya was a real God realized soul.  His Kundalini had awakened completely and he knew that none in that gathering, had reached his level of spiritual accomplishment.

Maitreyi, his obedient spouse, was in no way after the everyday affairs of life.  She yearned for gaining self realization within her lifetime.  She knew well that her hubby could bestow her pearls of reason, gaining in which she could in order to get her Kundalini awakened and eventually attain the stage of enlightenment.

The Gargi and the Maitreyi colleges in New Delhi-India, are evocative of those enlightening times in the chronicle of humankind, which prompted us that Kundalini awakening is also achievable for a lady.

Summing up, I want to stress the fact that the cherished semen is needed to be stored if we genuinely want Kundalini awakening at the earliest.  It is simply when the stored semen rises through the spine to the level of the centre of the forehead…shall we gain nirvana or enlightenment in this lifetime.